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Class Overview

Explorations in Clay: Roger Baumann


If you’ve always wanted to learn to work with clay (or haven’t done it for a while) this class is for you! It covers the basics of hand building and wheel throwing. Students will learn to work with pinch, slab and coil methods making a variety of functional or sculptural forms. They will learn to center on the potter’s wheel and practice making basic thrown pots in addition to learning basic glazing techniques. Students may take this class for multiple sessions to gain confidence and skill.


Pottery Wheel I & II: Jon Torres

Learn and practice basic wheel throwing skills. Students will learn how to center, create basic forms such as cylinders and bowls. Trimming the pots and learning how to glaze will also be covered. Students are encouraged to repeat this course multiple times as skill development is needed.


Design and Refine: Jon Townley


For serious wheel throwing and hand building students who wish to continue to improve their skills in a structured and supportive environment. Both group and individual instruction will be emphasized. Students will be encouraged to evolve a style of their own as they progress and focus on good form through practice and repetition.


Wednesday Night Clay: Jon Torres


Experienced students continue to hone both wheel and hand-building skills and are encouraged to bring their creativity to more complex projects such as larger bowls, plates and textured forms. Both group and individual instruction will be emphasized. Students will be encouraged to expand their knowledge of surface treatments such as glaze, oxide washes and slips.


Teen Wheel and Sculpture: Jon Torres

Beginner/ Intermediate

This class for teenagers provides an introduction to wheel throwing and ceramic sculpture. Students are encouraged to develop sculptural forms of their own design and master the skills needed to create these. They will learn basic wheel techniques allowing them to create bowls, vases, and other functional items. Participation in this class provides a great way for teens to build their 3-D portfolio! Basic glazing and firing techniques will also be covered. The class is geared toward students between the ages of 12-17.



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