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Terms & Conditions for New Members

Membership is available for experienced clay artists. It includes shelf space and use of the full facility. Prospective members will be asked to provide a portfolio of current work and a minimum of two references. If interested, please contact our Director, Jessica Dubin. jessica@peekskillclaystudios.com

Equipment:  All common area equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis to both members and students. PCS provides basic tools for student use. Member’s personal tools must be stored in rented shelves or studio spaces. Tools left in the common area will be made available to all members and students.

Members wishing to bring in personal equipment for use in the common area must have approval from the Studio Manager and understand that it will be available for use by all members. Those renting individual studios may keep their own equipment, as long as it stays within their space.

Clay: The PCS uses cone 6 to 10 Stoneware & Porcelain clay.

Members: Must purchase clay provided by the PCS or have the Studio Manager’s approval for clay purchased outside.

Students: May only use clay provided by the PCS.

Work made outside the PCS, or unusual clays or additives used for decoration, may not be fired in PCS kilns without the approval of the Studio Manager. At this time there is NO low-fire clay permitted in the studio.

Kilns: Electric & Gas. (Please refer to separate kiln memo for firing fees and additional policies.) Only PCS Staff and members with firing privileges may load and fire kilns. Work should be placed on the appropriate bisque or glaze shelf and full payment must be made and deposited in the member drop box prior to firing. Each member is also required to fill out a firing sheet located next to the member drop box. The Gas kiln is fired to ^10 reduction about 4 times a year.

Kiln Privileges:  Members who wish to fire kilns must have prior experience firing kilns and receive instruction and approval from the Studio Manager. If granted approval (electric and gas kilns require separate approval), the member is solely responsible for loading, unloading, cleaning, kiln washing shelves, and any damage that may occur as a result of firing. Failure to follow strict protocol may result in the termination of Kiln Privileges.

Scheduling a Kiln (for members with kiln privileges only):  Kilns must be scheduled on “Firing Calendar” located in the Main Studio no less than 7 days prior to firing. Exceptions may be granted by contacting the Studio Manager directly. The Studio Manager reserves the right to cancel scheduled member firings.

Glaze Lab: Studio provides chemicals and a designated mixing facility for members familiar with the process. Before making any slips or glazes check with the Studio Manager or Glaze Technician that these are not “repeats” of another similar slip or glaze. Wear a mask when mixing dry chemicals and clean work area thoroughly. Do not mix dry materials during “high traffic” times in the studio.

All slips or glazes must be:

• Tested safely in a studio firing

• Stored in a container with lid.

• Labeled with formula and cone temperature.

• Stored on member’s shelf if not for use by the whole studio

Pugmill: Only PCS staff may use the Pugmill.

Keeping it clean! Members, students and teachers are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and if renting space, keeping personal studios or shelf space clean

and orderly. Clay dust is a potential health hazard and must be wiped up with a wet rag or mop. Sanding dry clay in the studio is prohibited but may be done outside or in the ventilated spray booth area.

Music & Noise in the Studio: PCS has speakers that can plug into an MP3 player and there is a CD player by the desk. Members are welcome to use these devices. Please keep them free of clay. Only use with clean hands and wipe down whenever necessary. If others do not like your music, turn it off and use headphones. Phone Use. Best to go outside the studio area for calls.

Disruptions of concentration – Please be considerate of others working around you.

Student Workshop Hours: In addition to classes, students have three hours a week of scheduled open studio hours. Although this session is monitored, no instruction will take place. Student workshop hours will not impact PCS member’s accessibility.

Pets: Sorry, no pets!! We love them too, but not in the studio.

Orientation: New members must receive an orientation on facilities and benefits before they may use the studio.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in the Clay Studio.

Personal Risk: Members understand and agree that the Peekskill Clay Studios is not financially responsible or liable for any injuries that may occur on the premises of the PCS or Hat Factory Properties.

Damaged Work: The PCS is not responsible for damaged work. Refunds and discounts will not be given.

Suspending Membership: Membership may be suspended for a planned absence of 1 month in a calendar year in the event of an extended illness or convalescence.

Cancellation of Membership: The PCS has the right to cancel or refuse to renew a membership at any time for any reason. Members and students of the PCS will agree and comply with these studio policies.

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